The Lawro Challenge – Week 10

We show the BBC pundit just how match predictions should be done.

Lawro Crystal BallI am confident that I can still win this. The race is far from over and there is still a long way to go.  My shrewd predictions have suffered more than most to the vagaries of contentious refereeing decisions and unfortunate injuries.  Adjusting the results to account for these anomalies and it would still be pretty much neck and neck.  These are sure to even themselves out over the course of the season.

I am also convinced that Lawro is copying Rich’s predictions in many cases.  It is type of thing he would do; looking over someone else’s shoulder while shielding his own working’s out with his forearm.  This week’s predictions are below (remember 1 point for a correct result and a further 2 for a correct score) and I can sense better times ahead.

Last week, Lawro’s 9 points just shaded it over Rich’s 8 while Geoff picked up a plucky 5 points in third place.

     Rich     Geoff     Lawro
Total after 8 weeks         67        49       58
Score in week 9            8           5          9
Total after 9 weeks         75        54       67
Predictions – Week 10
     Rich     Geoff     Lawro
Sunderland v Arsenal       0-3       1-3        1-2
Man.Utd. v Burnley       3-0       3-1       2-0
Middlesbrough v Bournemouth        1-1       1-2        1-0
Tottenham v Leicester       2-0      2-0        2-1
Watford v Hull       2-0      3-0        2-0
West Brom v Man.City       0-2      0-2        0-2
Crystal Palace v Liverpool        1-2       1-1        0-2
Everton v West Ham         1-1       1-2          1-1
Southampton v Chelsea         2-1       1-1         0-2
Stoke v Swansea        2-1      2-1         2-0
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