Liverpool v West Ham – a few facts to help you decide who is likely to come out on top!

Let’s examine a few facts to help us decide the potential outcome in tonight’s visit to Anfield.  But as they say in the world of investments “Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results”. As far as betting on the match is concerned, you can get up to 20/1 on a West Ham victory and 7/1 on a draw. I have seen 200/1 quoted for West Ham to repeat their 3-0 victory at Anfield in 2015. But some bookmakers don’t bother to quote odds for that scoreline, obviously believing that nobody would want to bet on it.

  • Liverpool have played 26 Premier League games so far this season. They have won 25 of them and drawn the other one, giving them a total of 76 points out of a possible 78.
  • They have been top of the league all season apart from after the first match when Manchester City were top on goal difference (as a result of winning 5-0 at the London Stadium!)
  • In the last 7 games between the two sides, Liverpool have won 5 of them and drawn the other 2, scoring 4 goals in 4 of the 7 matches.
  • In the Premier League (and Division 1 before the Premier League was formed), the two sides have met 57 times at Anfield. Liverpool have won 39, 15 have been drawn, and West Ham have won 3. The West Ham wins were in 1928, 1963, and 2015.
  • Liverpool have won their last 17 league games. The record for consecutive wins in the Premier League (and Division 1 before the Premier League was formed) is 18 held by Manchester City.
  • Liverpool have won their last 20 home league games. The record for consecutive home wins in the Premier League (and Division 1 before the Premier League was formed) is 21 held by ….. Liverpool!
  • Liverpool last lost a league game 14 months ago when they went down 2-1 to Manchester City. They haven’t been beaten in their last 43 league games, winning 38 of them.
  • In all their Premier League games going back to 7 December (11 matches), Liverpool have only conceded one goal (in a 2-1 victory away to Wolverhampton). But in their 8 league games prior to that they didn’t keep a clean sheet.
  • Since 1901, Liverpool and West Ham have met 140 times in all competitions. Liverpool have won 75, 37 have been drawn and West Ham have won 28.
  • West Ham once scored 7 goals in a game against Liverpool (1930). Liverpool have never managed more than 6 in a single game against West Ham.
  • David Moyes has been the manager 15 times in visits to Anfield. He has never won a game there.
  • West Ham have 5 points from their last 8 league games. On form in the last 8 games that is the poorest record in the Premier League.
  • West Ham have thrown away 19 points from winning positions this season. That is the most in the Premier League.
  • West Ham haven’t lost 5 away league games in a row for more than six years. We’ve lost our last 4!
  • Antonio has played against Liverpool five times in the Premier League. He has only failed to score in one of them.

Not many positives there! But at least almost all of the teams in the relegation battle with us lost this weekend (apart from Brighton who drew at Sheffield United).

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  1. Marvellous collection of stats. Our 7-0 victory in 30-31 grabbed my attention. West Ham narrowly avoided relegation that year. I believe Norwich, Bournmouth and Villa will help us to do the same this season. Of course we were born, famously, as the Thames Iron Works, but I was surprised to discover there was briefly another team in the area Thames AFC (1930-32), who were playing that season before a few hundred fans in the 120,000 capacity West Ham Stadium (a giant dog track at Custom House)! But lets not go there 😉

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    1. I used to go to the Custom House stadium for a few years in the 1960’s to watch the West Ham speedway team. The stadium was quite popular, hosting greyhounds and stock car as well as speedway at the time – but was ultimately sold for redevelopment. I read that Thames AFC were originally formed to become a tenant of the stadium.


    2. Hi John
      You mentioned West Ham Stadium at Custom House – I was a regular visitor there in the sixties to watch West Ham speedway. I was also at Wembley when a West Ham ruder, Bjorn Knutsson won the world title.
      I still believe we have a decent chance of staying up and agree with you re the teams I think will go down.
      Obviously not particularly confident re tonight’s game, but always hopeful of miracles!


      1. I arrived in London from up North in ’72, the year it closed. Trained later as a Blue Badge Guide and became fixated on the Docks. Once got to show Uwe Seeler around London, and included of course the docks. I envy you those memories!


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