I Wouldn’t Bet On It 32

The curse of Fergie time scuppered us last time out as we look for a decent return at Watford.

Fancy A BetIf every game we had bet on ended after 89 minutes our balance would now stand at well over 200 points. The week before last I was confident of a victory against an over-performing, timewasting West Brom side, but thanks to their equaliser in the 94th minute we were denied yet again. The bets that lost out to that last minute goal were as follows:

10 points on West Ham to win the game @11/10 (21)
2 points on West Ham to win the game and both teams to score @7/2 (9)

Our balance has therefore reduced to 115 points.

This week it is Watford, and I am looking for us to have benefited from our warm weather training and team bonding in Dubai, and to avenge the result at the London Stadium earlier this season when, despite a 2-0 lead, we suffered a 4-2 reverse. This week’s bets are:

10 points on West Ham to win the game @9/5 (28)
4 points on West Ham to win and both teams to score @9/2 (22)
1 point on West Ham to win the game 4-2 @90/1 (91)

The odds are quoted by Paddy Power, who have a guarantee that if the team you have bet on in the win-draw-win market (i.e. our first bet above) lead at any stage by two goals then they will pay out, even if the team go on to draw or lose. They started this promotion in November. It was a shame that it wasn’t up and running in the home game v Watford, as we would have been 33 points better off; they would have paid out instantly when we went two goals up.

Never mind that’s the way it goes. It’s all good fun and our luck will change (perhaps). Our balance after our 15 points stake this week has now gone down to 100 points, exactly where we started! We’ve come very close to some big wins. The potential returns on winning bets are shown in brackets. What are the chances?

I had a look to see if sunbets was offering odds on Adrian being caught on camera eating paella or tapas, but couldn’t see anything! Seriously though, I think that it is a shame that this new bookmaker decided to increase its profile using the Sutton reserve goalkeeper in the week. For me it devalued and took the emphasis away from Sutton’s achievements in the FA Cup this season and their excellent performance against Arsenal.

I know that a lot of people thought it was a bit of fun, and it is a pity that the Sutton keeper should lose his job as a result of his naivety, but we do have to be careful to ensure that fixing doesn’t become a feature of football gambling. At one time you could bet on the team who had the first throw-in in a game, and teams were suspiciously putting the ball into touch straight from the kick-off. That practice and those bets are no longer (quite rightly) available, but the pie (or pasty) eating is only one step away from that.

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