I Wouldn’t Bet On It 27

It’s back to square one with the betting kitty but can smell success today.

Fancy A Bet

We lost our stake of 15 points on the Manchester City game. We are now back to where we started on 100 points.

I am confident that we will beat Palace to complete the double over them, so my bets this week will be:

20 points on a West Ham victory @6/5 (44)
1 point on a West Ham 3-1 victory @14/1 (15)
2 points on a West Ham 2-1 victory @ 15/2 (17)
1 point on West Ham to win and Obiang to score anytime @22/1 (23)
1 point on West Ham to win and Antonio to score anytime @6/1 (7)

After placing these bets our balance is down to 75 points. Potential returns if correct in brackets.

What are the chances?

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