I Wouldn’t Bet On It 25

Keeping it simple as we look for value in today’s big game with the reds of Manchester.

Fancy A Bet

No luck with the bets for the game at Leicester, so with a balance of 130 points we move on to the Manchester United game. I like the odds on Betfair for this game, so despite United’s good run of late, I fancy us to repeat our victory over them in the last game at Upton Park. Of course we have already played them twice this season at Old Trafford, drawing in the league, but we were on the end of a bit of a hiding in the EFL Cup. Rooney always seems to score against us but I don’t think he has travelled for this game. So keeping it simple, the bets for today, which I’ve found on Betfair:

9 points on West Ham to beat Man Utd @5/1 (50)
5 points on the game ending in a draw @16/5 (21)
1 point on a repeat score from May i.e. a 3-2 win for West Ham @59/1 (60)

Total stake 15 points, reducing our balance to 115 points.

Potential returns if correct in brackets.

What are the chances?

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