I Wouldn’t Bet On It 24

A healthy half year return beckons from our winning weekly wagers. Now we plan for an equally prosperous new year.

Fancy A Bet

It was obvious wasn’t it? So obvious that I thought that it wouldn’t happen. But it did. Ayew scored the first goal in the game at Swansea. His first goal for us was against his old club. But we had success yet again with the following bet last weekend:

8 points on West Ham to beat Swansea @7/4 (22)

Our balance stood at 125 points, and with this win has risen to the maximum snooker break of 147 points.

This time we’ll stick to a similar formula that has been successful in recent weeks, although our good run must come to an end soon. Or will it?

8 points on West Ham to beat Leicester @11/4 (30)
6 points on the game to end in a score draw @10/3 (26)
1 point on a correct score forecast of 2-2 @12/1 (13)
1 point on Cresswell to score the first goal and West Ham to win 2-1 @200/1 (201)
1 point on West Ham to win and Cresswell to score anytime @30/1 (31)

Total stake 17 points, reducing our balance to 130 points.  Potential returns if correct in brackets.

It is about time that Aaron Cresswell scored. What are the chances?

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