The Lawro Challenge – Week 16

Midweek madness takes hold as we continue to battle Lawro for the prediction crown.

Lawro Crystal BallFifteen rounds of games in the Premier League have now been completed. That means we have now predicted the results of 150 matches. In Week 15, Rich again came out on top scoring 8 points while Geoff and Lawro could only scrape together 4 points each. In this challenge we award one point for a correct result, and a further two points (making three in total) if the score prediction is spot on.

The predictions for the pre-Christmas midweek games are below anticipating a continuation of the recent Premier League goal-rush.  Even the ultra cautious Lawro, who rarely expects any team to score more than two, has pushed the boat out in the spirit of seasonal exuberance.  Whether his new found daring can make any inroads on Rich’s lead in the predictions table remains to be seen.

     Rich    Geoff    Lawro
Total after 14 weeks     122     77      110
Score in week 15         8       4          4
Total after 15 weeks     130     81      114
Predictions – Week 16      
     Rich    Geoff    Lawro
Bournemouth v Leicester      2-1     1-2      0-2
Everton v Arsenal      1-1     1-3      1-1
Middlesbrough v Liverpool      1-2     0-2      0-2
Sunderland v Chelsea      0-2     0-1      0-2
West Ham v Burnley      4-0     2-1      2-0
Palace v Man Utd       1-1     1-2      1-2
Man City v Watford      4-0     4-1      3-1
Stoke v Southampton      1-1     1-0      2-1
Tottenham v Hull      4-0     3-0      3-0
WBA v Swansea      2-1     2-0      1-1
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