I Wouldn’t Bet On It 19 – A good win last week

Looking to profit from a hard earned draw at the London Stadium.

Fancy A Bet

Last week we had some fun bets on our game at Manchester United. And the following bets were successful:

16 points on West Ham to win or draw the game @13/8 (42)
1 point on a 1-1 draw @7/1 (8)

The fifty points that we won added to our balance of 51 brings our total balance back to 101 points, just above where we started.

I haven’t got a clue how West Ham will perform this week so I wasn’t going to have a bet at all. But just for fun, three small bets to retain a betting interest in the game:

1 point on Pedro Obiang to score the first goal and the game to end 2-2 @275-1 (276)
1 point on Andy Carroll to score the first goal and the game to end 2-2 @60-1 (61)
5 points on the game to end in a draw @14/5 (19)

Our balance after staking these seven points is down to 94 points.

We win on the day if the game ends in a draw. It was 3-3 last year and Andy Carroll terrorised the Arsenal defence. Can he do the same this time? Will he be back from injury? Will he be picked? We get our point back on the second bet if he doesn’t play.

What are the chances?

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