I Wouldn’t Bet On It 13

Unlucky for some we laugh in the face of misfortune with an extra Sunday flutter.

Fancy A BetIf you thought that Cresswell was unlucky to be sent off, we were equally unfortunate with our two accumulator bets, both of which failed by just one match. Because of the guarantee, with just one incorrect result in each, we get our stake returned.

For the first we staked 1 point on the following 5 teams to win at accumulated odds of 9.69/1: Chelsea, Arsenal, Bournemouth, Manchester City, Stoke. Manchester City were the only team to let us down by drawing 1-1 with Everton, but the unlucky aspect is that they missed two penalties in the game.

But if you think we were unfortunate there, we were even more unlucky with our more adventurous bet which staked 1 point on the following 10 teams to win at accumulated odds of 55.54/1: Brighton, Newcastle, Norwich, Bolton, Charlton, Carlisle, Doncaster, Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts. Nine of the ten teams won. The only game that let us down was where Brighton were 2-1 up against 10-man Preston in the 92nd minute when they conceded an equaliser. I had £5 on that bet, and it would have returned over £280 if Brighton had hung on. But that’s the way it goes. I got my stake back!

So our balance is 102.1 points, including the two points of free bets which we will use immediately on today’s Premier League games. We’ll put one point on Middlesbrough to beat Watford at 13/10 (potential return 2.3), and the other point on Middlesbrough and Southampton to both win their games at a double of 2.22/1 (3.22).

What are the chances?

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