Counting Sheep – 10 – The Letter S

The latest alphabetically challenged West Ham lineup. The managerless letter ‘S’.

Counting SheepIt has been good fun trying to come up with West Ham all-time football teams where the players surnames all begin with the same letter. Some letters have proved to be more difficult than others resulting in combined teams, but the letter S is one where I can think of a whole team.

So far I’ve picked nine teams, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, a combined “G” and “H”, a combined “J”, “K” and “L”, a combined “M” and “N”, a combined “P” and “Q”, and “Vowels”. So here is the result of my brain training exercise with West Ham footballers whose surnames begin with “S”.

Song (A)
Sealey (A)

Players left out include keepers Stech, Srnicek, and Les Sealey, and outfield players Rigobert Song, Spence, Solano, Sakho, Small, Speedie, Slater R, Stanislas, Swindlehurst, Strodder and Suker.

It’s funny when you try to think of a team in this way. Before I started I thought that S would have been a letter from which I would pick a very strong team, but I don’t think it matches some of the others I have selected. I’ve probably missed someone obvious. Would you have selected any of the players that I omitted from my final XI?

And who would manage the S team? I may be wrong but I don’t think we’ve had a manager whose surname begins with S. So this team is managerless at the moment.

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